When you think of Gryffindor, What Does It Mean To Be A Gryffindor? Loyalty and bravery are two traits that people often associate with Gryffindors. They will do anything for their friends and family because they know how important those relationships are. A Gryffindor is courageous enough to try new things and take risks in order to grow as a person. Gryffindors also like adventure – after all, who wants to spend their life sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen? Gryffindors are generally a little more outgoing than other Hogwarts houses, but that doesn’t mean they’re not kind and caring. They just have no problem making new friends with people who may come from different backgrounds or places in life – as long as those people share Gryffindor’s values of loyalty, bravery, courage, and adventure.


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