What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat
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It can be easy to feel flustered when you snap your best friend, only to find that they snap back with a yellow heart. The same goes for sending them pictures or videos – sometimes, they just seem uninterested in opening your snaps.

The yellow heart means that the snap has been viewed! If you still think they didn’t snap back or open your snap, you probably accidentally sent the snap to one of your other best friends. It’s easy to do so- you can snap someone from their profile page instead of from within a chat.

What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat

What does 💕 mean from a girl?

A Snapchat with a heart emoji is just that. A Snapchat with the pink love emoji means she loves chatting to you but doesn’t really feel ready for a relationship with you. This Snapchat means she’s not quite sure if she wants to continue talking to you, but sends it anyway. She might also be really busy, and Snapchat you when she has a spare second.

This Snapchat means she wants to be friends with you for now but isn’t interested in a romantic relationship. It’s up to you whether or not you choose to snap her back!

A Snapchat with the blue star emoji will most likely mean that she likes talking and snap chatting and stuff but just isn’t ready for anything more than friendship yet. Again, it’s your choice whether or not you snap her back.

This Snapchat is kind of like the one with the heart emoji, except this time there’s no top on it!

She might be feeling really flirty and want to add some ‘spice’ into what you guys are talking about. She could also be really busy and snap at you when she finds a spare second.

The broken heart emoji Snapchat is kind of similar to the Snapchat with the blue star emoji, except this time your snap chat friend doesn’t want anything too heavy.

She might snap at you because she’d like to figure out her feelings for you first, or because she’s busy and Snapchat you when she has a spare second.

What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat

What does 🤗 mean from a boy?

A Snapchat of a boy with a heart eyes emoji and a smile on his face is usually interpreted as “I’m very happy”.

When boys send this Snapchat it means they are either very happy or they care about the girl. This snap chat can also mean that the boy has feelings for the girl he is sending it to. If this Snapchat comes from a stranger then you should be cautious because it might be an attempt to lure you into meeting him. This Snapchat would most likely come from a person around your age but there’s always a chance that it wouldn’t. So, if you receive this snap chat then I suggest not going into further conversation with them because there could be some bad intentions. You should always be cautious when you receive snap chats from strangers, but if it is coming from somebody whose Snapchat you often talk to and enjoy talking to then you can trust them a little more than somebody else. As long as the snap chat isn’t weird or sketchy then it will probably mean that they like or love you back.



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