Dividing Fractions
Dividing Fractions

A fraction is part of a whole number. It has mainly two parts – a numerator and a denominator. Did you know that dividing fractions would be as easy as singing a song? No, then let me show you how you can make it easy for yourself by just remembering this song.

“Take the fractions for the division to apply

Flip the second one and then multiply

In the end, you need to simplify.”

So next time when you divide the fractions don’t forget to apply this 3 line song in it.

Equivalent Fractions – Definition & Interesting Examples

To understand the concept of equivalent fractions you just need to know that the fractions have different numerators and denominators but are equal to the same value.

Remember this Song Before Doing Equivalent Fractions

When carrying out operations on equivalent fractions

Change the denominator using multiply or divide,

And the same to the numerator must be applied.

Fun Facts About Equivalent Fractions

  • Equivalent fractions represent the same amount of distance or points on a number line.
  • All equivalent fractions reduce to the same fraction in their simplest form.

Methods To Determine Equivalent Fractions

How can we determine when two fractions are equivalent or not? It is only possible by these methods:

  • Method 1: Make the Denominators the same
  • Method 2: Cross Multiply
  • Method 3: Convert to decimals

Remember these methods to make your work easier.

Interesting Facts About Fractions:-

Did you know that using fractions to understand jewelry purity could save you money? Similarly, there are different interesting facts where fractions are used in their everyday life or in their careers.

  • Cocktails: Good bartenders know how to mix drinks and fractions are used to determine how much of each ingredient is being added.
  • Pizza for the kids: Mealtime doesn’t have to be a battle about who got more or less. Using fractions would help you to split the pie evenly.
  • Timetable: Whenever you make a timetable for a subject and divide it into portions for ease of study, you are simply using fractions to do it.
  • Fraction in food: Any food item like chocolate, bread needs to have the right measurement of all the ingredients. Just like a chocolate bar has 3 and 1/2 portions of sugar and 5 and ¼ portions of milk.
  • Furniture: Making any furniture requires measurement in fractions. When you make a study table it needs to be cut from a big piece of plywood which needs to fit the space in your room. Let us say your table is probably 5’4 1/4 inch long. Little variation in the size would not fit the table in your room.
  • Fraction of fashion: Tailoring is all about how you can do the right measurement of the clothes. For example, a meter and a ½ might be needed to make your school shirt. The curtains of your home might be two and a quarter meters and the right fraction would lead to a perfectly fitted garment.
  • Pharmacy and Nursing: Fractions are very important for pharmacists and nurses, particularly because errors can have serious consequences. For example, nurses need to be able to use the stock equation in order to know how to dilute a solution.

You would have an idea now that fractions are everywhere. This might seem odd to us because when we first learn math, we learn the easier concepts and the whole number system. As our education progresses, we are introduced to more complex aspects of math, but our minds are trained to look for what we first learned. We tend to ignore the presence of fractions even though they are pretty much all around us all the time. Though, having the right foundation and understanding its real-life application is extremely crucial.

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