Naruto is completely surrounded by mysteries, which makes him so exciting to watch. One of the biggest why-didn’t-I-figure-it-out? questions pertain to why Naruto has whiskers. I know they look cool and cute but why does he have them?

The most common answer is “they are proof that he’s a Jinchuriki” (demon container). This explanation isn’t very satisfying because why would physical features prove anything; it only implies that these people with whiskers are demon containers – why didn’t anyone else get whiskers? Now everyone would want them!

With this unsatisfactory answer in mind, let’s see if we can figure out why Naruto got whiskers.

In the past, why have other people been Jinchuriki? What has this done for them and why did their hosts get whiskers if it was a sign of being a Jinchuriki? We can’t answer why Naruto got whiskers without understanding why others did.

The jinchuriki thing started during The Great Shinobi Wars (World War 2) when ninja fought each other instead of fighting foreign enemies. In these wars, some villages created jinchurikis to use as weapons against others. They would take children from conquered families and turn them into demons who then lived in beautiful host bodies that looked like they were from another planet – kind of like Avatar. After that, they made them fight to prove their power and barbarity. A jinchuriki would usually be used in a one-on-one fight to determine the victor of the war.

Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze, was part of creating these weapons – he became friends with an older man named Shinno who had five children who were all potential jinchurikis. They made four other demon containers but they disappeared after their jinchurikis were sealed within them. Even though Naruto doesn’t know why his dad created them, it’s easy for us to see why – because Konoha needed the power to defeat its enemies. Using children as weapons weren’t right. but only if you look at it superficially; it seems that no one ever considers why it’s happening in the first place.

It was later evident why Konoha needed to win wars when Sasuke said, “Our family is one of those who rule this village. If the Uchiha clan didn’t exist.” This implies that if Konoha had fewer powerful ninja they would lose their supremacy. This makes sense because why is Naruto given so much attention if he is just an errand boy? He is extremely important for reasons we’ll learn about in future episodes.

Naruto is really good at making friends, which is why he has so many people in his group! I predict that Naruto will be Hokage in part 2 of the series because why else would they have made a whole episode about how awesome he is?

Naruto never wanted to be Hokage because he hates the idea of doing paperwork… why doesn’t anyone else do it for him? It’s too much work… but why was that necessary for Naruto to do when no one else had to? Everyone loves Naruto; why does everyone hate paperwork?

When Yondaime (4th) was Hokage he got rid of all the crappy rules that made ninja go overboard by not doing anything. He did this so ninja could live normal lives and serve their village in an easier way! This would definitely lower the risk of children dying while fighting enemies, which is why I’m sure this is why they removed them – don’t want any more kids dying on his watch.

The point of making demon containers was only to have super-soldiers who are immune to foreign Jutsu. The point of why they need them is because why would Konoha bother with ninja if it couldn’t win wars? They wouldn’t. It’s simple why Naruto became a Jinchuriki – why else would you create children with demonic powers.

The interesting thing about the whole Jinchuriki idea is that it seems so out of proportion when balanced against its benefits, which makes sense why it may disappear in future episodes. It doesn’t seem practical at all and who knows why Kishi decided on whiskers being a sign of being a Jinchuriki – probably just go with stuff that looks cool. Why does Sasuke have them? I don’t know why Sasuke got whiskers either, just why Naruto has them. I don’t know why Kishi decided on why Naruto should have whisker marks on his face or why he didn’t give him the foxtail instead.

Why does Boruto have a big mark on his head? No idea why he gets one… it might be a mark of being a jinchuriki but we’ll have to wait and see. It seems that no one knows why anyone has anything in Naruto except me – that’s right! You guessed it, I’m part of the secret organization that knows everything about Naruto! In fact, you probably already knew everything I just wrote because you’re really smart and read this blog regularly 😉

why does naruto have whiskers Article on the main reasons of why Naruto has whiskers. Naruto is completely surrounded by mysteries. Why does he have that weird mark on his head,


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