xbox gamertag change

In this post, you will get the complete guide on “How to Xbox Gamertag Change on Xbox App?” Microsoft has recently launched a new Xbox app for Windows 10. The app allows users to change their Gamertag on the app without having to log in to the console. This move is being perceived as an attempt by Microsoft to compete with rival platforms like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Gamertags are a very important part of the world of gaming. Our competitors have tried to use Gamertag as an advertising medium and digital marketing tool but it is not giving them the result they are looking for. Gamertag (also known as gamer tag) is taken from the alias of the user. It makes it easy for the gamer to share his profile with other people but for some reason, those people might not know about the Gamertag.

xbox gamertag change

How Can you Xbox Gamertag Change?

When you are looking for a new Gamertag, do not let the number of options you have to choose from keeping you from changing it. These steps will help you find out how you can change Gamertag on Xbox using Android devices.

Xbox Gamertag Change Online Via Mobile or Desktop:

  • Just open a web browser and head to the com.
  • Click and Sign-in to your Xbox Gamertag account.
  • Xbox Profile automatically loads.
  • You set it up, are looking at the page and nothing in particular happens!
  • Tap on one of the words in your Gamertag-also known as a ‘Macro’
  • when You’ll see a new page where you get a chance to choose a new Xbox Gamertag.
  • Congratulations, you now have the ability to see your own Gamertag in-game.
  • Claiming a Gamertag changes your profile picture to your new chosen name. This at least can be considered effective!
xbox gamertag change

Can you Xbox Gamertag Change Via Windows 10 Xbox app?

Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox app for Windows 10. It is a new tool that allows users to change their Gamertag in just one click. It also offers a way to create custom Gamertags and share them with other friends.

Yes, you can Xbox Gamertag Change Via Windows 10 Xbox app by following these steps:

  • First, log in to Xbox app on your Windows 10 using the login credentials email, and password.
  • When creating your gamerpic, use the left-hand slider to adjust how big your beautiful masterpiece will look.
  • Customize & Change Gamertag.
  • You can type Xbox Gamertag and select Check Availability
  • If available change it and if not enter available choices until you find an available one.

Final Notes:

In this article, you get the whole process of changing Xbox Gamertag on different devices. Since the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has been cracking down on Gamertags that were used by game sharks before. The company is currently charging users who change their Gamertag for FREE for 3 months to revert to the original fee of $40.


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